Digital Photo Restoration

With today's digital technology it is possible to repair and restore faded and damaged photographs more easily and with far better results than ever before. The original damaged photograph, slide or negative is carefully scanned and all the repair and restoration work is done in the computer on the digital copy, thereby keeping the original safe from damage.

I can restore your damaged black and white or color prints, and can create restored prints from negatives, slides, tintypes or glass plates. After restoration you will receive a new print of your restored photo, and a CD with a high-resolution image file of the restored photograph. Pricing and procedures are detailed at the bottom of this page.

The photograph of the family above dates from the early 1900's. With the passage of years, the original print had faded and yellowed, and the edges of the print became damaged. At some point a copy photograph was made of the original fragile print to preserve the image for the future. That copy photograph (above left) is what I worked from for my restoration.

To create the restoration seen on the right, I first had to make a careful scan of the original. Then the color cast was removed to transform it into a purely black and white image before adjusting the contrast. Next, the dust spots (not readily visible here) were removed and the damaged edges were carefully rebuilt. The image was then sharpened and I finished by adding just a hint of sepia tone back to the restored image. The final image is a vast improvement over the original.

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Photos can be altered to remove people or other elements if so desired, as in the example below. The center woman was removed from the picture and two others were brought together. The background was also adjusted as needed and the image was cropped, which focused attention on the women in the altered photo.

It is not always possible to remove a person or other element from a photograph and obtain a result that looks appropriate. Photographs must be assessed on a case-by-case basis as to whether or not the removal can be done successfully.


Please note that there are some things which digital restoration cannot accomplish.

  1. If your image is blurry or out-of-focus, the focus cannot be made sharp.
  2. Unique portions of a picture that are missing or completely damaged, especially a person's face, cannot be restored, unless those elements can be brought in from another photo.
  3. Greatly enlarging a small portion of photo is not recommended. It will most likely produce an image that is very grainy and blurry.
  4. Increasing the brightness of very dark (underexposed) images often results in very grainy images with splotchy colors.

Prices and Procedure


  • Basic Auto Color correction
  • Simple Overall Contrast and Brightness Adjustments
  • removal of dust and small mold spots
  • one additional adjustment layer made, if needed, for local correction to an important area such as a face.


  • Custom Color Correction, brightness, and contrast adjustments
  • removal of dust and mold spots
  • repair of minor damage to non-critical portions of image (cracks, holes, torn areas, etc.)
  • correction of moderately uneven exposure across image


  • for images that require separate adjustment layers for local area corrections
  • May include multiple contrast, color and brightness adjustments
  • correction of uneven exposure
  • repair of moderate staining
  • restoration of moderately faded images
  • rebuilding of moderately damaged portions of the photo (non-critical areas)
  • restoration of large cracks, torn areas and wrinkles in image
  • correction of moderately uneven color shifts


  • For heavily damaged images that require rebuilding of areas that may include critical features such as a person's face
  • correction of multiple uneven color shifts
  • repair of large stains
  • piecing together separate parts of a torn image
  • restoration of heavily faded images
  • removal of elements or people from an image
  • combining elements from multiple photos into one image

PHOTO MANIPULATION (Removal or Addition of people, objects, etc.): price to be determined by assessment of image and needs.

COLORIZATION - $40+: color may be added to a black-an-white image. The image must be examined before quoting a price for this service.

ESTIMATES: Examination of the original is required before I can give you a price. There is no charge for the estimate. Once I give you a price for your restoration, it is fixed. Even if it ends up taking me longer to restore the photo than I thought, I will not ask you for more money


  • 4x6 in. or smaller: $.50 ea.
  • 5x7: $.75 ea.
  • 8x10: $2.50 ea.
  • 11x14: $6.00 ea.

I ask for a 50% deposit to begin work on all orders of more than $100.00. The balance to be paid when you pick up the restoration. I accept personal or business checks, cashier's checks, money orders or cash.

I can work from color or black-and-white prints, slides and negatives of any size film, and glass plates.

SCANNING: Scanning of the original photo is a very important part of the restoration process. While I can work from a client's emailed scan, I can generally achieve much better results if I do the scanning myself with my professional scanner and software. If you do need to scan the image yourself, please follow these guidelines below.

  • Use a flatbed scanner; do not use a document-feed type scanner as it may damage a fragile original
  • Clean the scanner glass and make sure it is dry before making your scan.
  • Very gently wipe of the photo with a soft cloth, ONLY IF the photo is not fragile or the emulsion is flaking, cracked or otherwise damaged.
  • Scan at a resolution of 600 ppi at the dimensions of the image (if 4x6 or larger).
  • Scan in RGB mode (not Grayscale) even if your original is a black-and-white photo.
  • Save as a high resolution JPG file

Contact me by phone or email if you have any questions regarding scanning

What you get:

  • Your original returned to you
  • A CD-ROM with a high-quality JPEG file of the restored photograph, from which you will be able to print additional images yourself or from any photo lab.
  • A new, high-quality inkjet print of the restored photograph, the same size as the original on your choice of glossy or matte paper.

Guarantee: I guarantee my work 100%. I will send you a proof of the restored image for your approval, and I'll continue to work on it until you are satisfied. If I'm unable to produce a restoration that you are happy with, I will refund your money.

To contact me for further information. Email to, or telephone 201-920-7058